Flash! Attorney Kamala Harris never heard of 2nd Amendment

 To maintain our freedoms, Americans have the right to bear arms.  That’s the 2nd Amendment.  Will Kamala Harris’ proposed executive order, were she to become President,  work?  Remember Obama who sent guns across the border to Mexico.
Kamala Harris used a July 13, 2019, tweet to renew her pledge to bypass Congress and enact executive gun control.

Harris tweeted: “Gun violence is the leading cause of death for young Black men in America. We must stop this. When president, I will take executive action to ensure guns do not fall into the wrong hands.”

On April 22, 2019, Breitbart News reported Harris’ plan to give Congress 100 days to pass new gun controls if she wins the White House. Should Congress fail to act, Harris made clear she would simply use executive orders to achieve the gun control she desires.

To date Harris has pledged executive action to require private gun sellers to conduct background checks on their sales, to direct the ATF to take away the license of any gun dealer who breaks the law, and to ban fugitives from buying guns.


Firenze Sage  JAJ48@aol.com     The usual pap. Guns don’t kill, people who shoot them do.


Hilary goes to Betty’s Soul Food: Chitlins and greens To Go? No.


Betty's Soul Food looks terrific
Betty’s Soul Food  —  looks terrific but does Hilary eat such fare? Hilary eats Mexican – not soul food.

Hilary gets her picture taken with Blacks at various restaurants.  But, how Hilary relate to Blacks?  What does she eat with them?  How does she interact?  What we learn:

On Halloween, Clinton visited Angie’s Soul Café in Cleveland ahead of a rally at Kent State University, where she was joined for a photo opportunity by U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge and Cleveland Councilman Jeff Johnson before taking her order to go, Cleveland.com reports.

   The day before, Clinton was at Betty’s Soul Food in Fort Lauderdale and spoke briefly with the owner before posing for pictures with several black patrons.

“I gonna take a picture with Betty and her employees,” Clinton said in a video of the stop posted to YouTube. “We got to get a picture in front of your restaurant, with the sign or by the window.

As to who Hilary interacts with at Betty’s  —   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73bVraP9B3Q     The video shows several men wearing Elect Scott Israel shirts who take pictures of Hilary with themselves and friends.



Firenze Sage:   Oh —  and do you remember that  Hilary  carries hot sauce in her purse for her favorite-Mexican food.  Imagine Hillary and a great big bowl of Chitlins.    (Pig’s intestines) for you Anglos.

Hilary eats
Does Hilary eat chitlins and greens ?

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Preview YouTube video Hillary Clinton Visits Betty’s Soul Food in Fort Lauderdale, FL. (10-30-16)

Hillary Clinton Visits Betty’s Soul Food in Fort Lauderdale, FL. (10-30-16)