Share children’s books with Soledad Prison?


Do you have some children books? Want to share with families at Soledad Prison?

Do you have a few  children’s books that might wing their way towards Soledad Prison?  A great way for families to relate is sharing a book with a child.

This is  written by Pastor Dale Sollom-Brotherton  from the December Newsletter from Christ Lutheran Church, Aptos:

“Melanie Larson is developing a project to provide new children’s books for prisoners and their
families at Soledad Prison. She is working with prison officials and a local high school teacher
who has been meeting with prisoners for the past four years.

“Here’s what one prisoner  wrote recently:
When reading The Grapes of Wrath two years ago at Soledad Prison, one of the inmates,
referring to the Joad’s plight from the dustbowl, said, “You know, when I killed that man, I put
his entire family in an emotional desert for the rest of their lives. I can’t make up for it, but let
me at least try to make my life meaningful to others.”

“This is why we go inside the prison. Deep connection and possibility.

“Using children’s books expands this effort to include the families of prisoners.

If you’d like todonate a book or two please bring it/them to the church office and leave in the box on the
desk. Or, give Melanie a call.

“I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was
in prison and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36)


Comment:   Resurrection Catholic Community, the  Catholic church in Aptos,  sends a bus or two down to Soledad Prison  each years so that children can visit their parents.  Maybe some children’s books could also  be on that bus?  Sharing a book is a great way for a family to relate.               Licensed Psychologist  Cameron Jackson    PSY14762 

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The Word Shop: Come for books, discuss books & share cup of tea


The Word Shop and Alliee DeArmond
The Word Shop and Alliee DeArmond

Alliee DeArmond, with the help of many volunteers, operates  The Word Shop in Aptos, CA.  As of 2016, this book shop has been operating for 21 years.   831 688-6607   Monday – Fridays  10-6 most days.

Alliee recently applied to be on the Board of Directors for St. John the Baptist  Episcopal Church in Aptos, CA. Alliee write regularly for a newspaper.  Her column In the Spirit publishes in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.  Various activities related to books occur routinely at The Word Shop.

Quite an accomplishment for all the women and men who have been  involved.

Back in 2009  — when this post was first  written -there were Literary Parties.  What’s going on is always changing — but always about books.

“These Literary Parties are a real blast! We choose a genre–mystery this month–everyone brings a book or two in that genre and we take turns waving the books around and saying why we like them. Then people usually have comments and conversation ensues until I bellow, “next.” We’ve done one every month since January–usually somewhere between a half-dozen and a dozen folk crammed into our back room. Quite fun.”

The Word Shop is located at 246 Center St. # A. This is a small book store located near entrance to Seacliff Beach. For more info contact Alliee DeArmond at    831-688-6607

The Word Shop
The Word Shop with Alliee DeArmond

Use the SEARCH function (top right) to find more information about The Word Shop.  Live near or around Aptos?    Join  #aptosia