Who are the young men from Honduras coming to claim “asylum status”? Children?

Pictures show mostly young men ages 16-24 not women, children or visibly gay and lesbian persons.  One never knows ….  

So the Caravan coming to the USA  was started by gays and lesbians?  So they say ….   City without Borders aka Pueble Sin Froneras states that the gays and lesbians — LGBT community — started  the 1,000+ persons curerntly traveling to the USA from Honduras and near by areas.

In announcing the group’s March 25 departure, Pueblo Sin Fronteras sent a statement saying it is a “group of people from different nations, religions, genders, gender expressions and sexual orientations migrating and seeking refuge.”

The statement calls for a series of measures, including an end to political corruption, to violence against members of the LGBT community, to “murder with impunity and gang recruitment of youth.”

It demands that the U.S. government continued Temporary Protected Status — a program for people from nations affected by wars or disasters. It asks that the “U.S. government stop massive funding for the Mexican government to detain Central American migrants and refugees and to deport them.”


Share children’s books with Soledad Prison?


Do you have some children books? Want to share with families at Soledad Prison?

Do you have a few  children’s books that might wing their way towards Soledad Prison?  A great way for families to relate is sharing a book with a child.

This is  written by Pastor Dale Sollom-Brotherton  from the December Newsletter from Christ Lutheran Church, Aptos:

“Melanie Larson is developing a project to provide new children’s books for prisoners and their
families at Soledad Prison. She is working with prison officials and a local high school teacher
who has been meeting with prisoners for the past four years.

“Here’s what one prisoner  wrote recently:
When reading The Grapes of Wrath two years ago at Soledad Prison, one of the inmates,
referring to the Joad’s plight from the dustbowl, said, “You know, when I killed that man, I put
his entire family in an emotional desert for the rest of their lives. I can’t make up for it, but let
me at least try to make my life meaningful to others.”

“This is why we go inside the prison. Deep connection and possibility.

“Using children’s books expands this effort to include the families of prisoners.

If you’d like todonate a book or two please bring it/them to the church office and leave in the box on the
desk. Or, give Melanie a call.

“I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was
in prison and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36)


Comment:   Resurrection Catholic Community, the  Catholic church in Aptos,  sends a bus or two down to Soledad Prison  each years so that children can visit their parents.  Maybe some children’s books could also  be on that bus?  Sharing a book is a great way for a family to relate.               Licensed Psychologist  Cameron Jackson    PSY14762 

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Will Obama fire Comey to protect himself and Clinton Foundation?

Huma, Weiner and Jordan
Huma, Weiner and Jordan

Obama protects Hilary to protect himself.   Is it  likely — it is possible  — that Obama will fire Comey?  We know that Obama used a fake name to communicate with Hilary via her private email server.  We know now that it was Huma Abedin’s job to   keep Obama informed as to Hilary’s email address.

Huma and her former husband Anthony Weiner both face possible criminal charges.    Weiner has a son, Jordan,  to protect.  With  their  four near old daughter to protect, will  Huma and Weiner  “flip” and give evidence against Hilary?

 This looks like an Italian mafia story.  Who will face justice?


Hilary’s actions —  collecting millions of dollars from foreign governments and businesses — undermines America.  It’s criminal to sell out your country for personal enrichment.  That’s what emerges so far from the investigation  into Hillary’s emails.  Read Peter Schweitzer’s book,  Clinton Cash.

We now know:  Hilary set up her private email server so that no Freedom of Information Act inquiries would reveal her actions, that Hilary sold US foreign policy to all sorts of foreign governments.

   There were five (5)  hacks by foreign governments   into   Hilary Clinton’s private email server.    We also know that Hilary and Bill Clinton were “broke” (so they report) when they left the White House.  We know that through The Clinton Foundation Hilary and Bill Clinton now have $350 MILLION.

Yes, Hilary got  extremely rich selling out America via The Clinton  Foundation.


Yes, children, evil does exist in North Korea

North Korea

Yes children evil does exist. Yes, the North  Korean government is evil.  In North Korea citizens are warned:  criticism, irony, humor and   sarcasm  are “hostile actions”

People in North Korea  are told that ironic statements “will not be forgiven.”

One  outlawed phrase is ‘this is all America’s fault’ a jibe at the regime’s paranoid obsession blaming the USA for its own failings.

North Korea’s  dictator Kim Jong-un banned his people from using sarcasm  in their everyday conversations in a fresh crackdown on criticism of his leadership.

Mass meetings organized by government officials have been used to issue a chilling warnings   Ironic statements “will not be forgiven”.

Oppressed and starving workers have been told  that satire directed towards the regime  — or indirect criticism hidden behind humor –will be seen as “hostile actions”.

A source in the northern Jagang province near the Chinese border told Radio Free Asia: “One state security official personally organized a meeting to alert local residents to potential ‘hostile actions’ by internal rebellious elements.  The main point of the lecture was ‘keep your mouths shut’.”

The same message was delivered in a meeting held in neighboring Yanggang province on August 28, a source there said.

The official leading the meeting warned those present against being “dragged into internal hostile behavior”.

 The source added: “This habit of the central authorities of blaming the wrong country when a problem’s cause obviously lies elsewhere has led citizens to mock the party.”

Another blacklisted expression is,  “A fool who cannot see the outside world”.

The phrase has been used widely by government workers in the capital Pyongyang who were surprised Kim Jong-un failed to appear at commemorations held in Russia and China to mark the end of the Second World War.

Expressions of public discontent with the brutal regime have become more common in the tightly controlled state this year.




Firenze Sage:  In North  Korea you live your  short life in a concentration camp. It is a hell “where youth and laughter go.”

What price honor? Hilary charges $2,500 per question from children

What price honor?

what price?
what price honor?
questions from children
Hilary takes questions for $2,500 a question



Hillary charges $2,500 per question from children.  Children do not vote. How honorable is that?

 Maybe the media should pose as children with a stacks of 27 $100 bills in little their outstretched hands so they, too, can have an audience with the queen.

The New York Times revealed in the 21st paragraph of a Saturday story that it’s now been 23 days since Hillary Clinton last held a press conference.

One group that can do Q and A with Hilary are the children:  a group of nonvoters gets to quiz her, given they have a wad of cash to hand over:

For a donation of $2,700, the children (under 16) of donors at an event last month at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., estate of the hedge fund magnate Adam Sender could ask Mrs. Clinton a question. A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000, according to attendees.

The Times didn’t report what questions the children were allowed to ask, but they were likely more than anything the media’s been allowed to ask lately.

Hilary takes questions from children
Another question for Hilary

Clinton’s campaign regularly had children ask her questions during the primary.



Firenze Sage:  This is part of Clinton’s never ending quest to provide succor to the children of the rich.

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