Does Kamala Harris truly love you?

young people ‘stupid’ says Kamala  Harris

Are people aged 18 – 24 “stupid”?  So says Kamala Harris who seeks to be President in 2020.

During a keynote address at a symposium hosted by the Ford Foundation in 2015, Senator Kamala Harris, who at the time was the California attorney general, called people aged 18 to 24 “stupid.”

Kamala Harris  said, “What’s the other thing we know about this population? And it’s a specific phase of life. And remember, age is more than a chronological fact. What else do we know about this population, 18 through 24? They are stupid.” “That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant. They make really bad decisions,” she added.

In 2011 the current San Francisco  District Attorney  George Gascon  conferred Certificates of Completion of the program  to eleven (11) graduates of Back on Track.Harris states she started a  Back On Tracks program  in 2015.  No numbers are readily a available as to how many have completed the Back on Track program which  Harris refers to.


Firenze Sage   

Ok, millenials,  how do you like her now?


Actions speak louder than words – Trump versus Hilary


Trump and Hilary
Trump and Hilary: crude talk versus enabler

Actions speak louder than words. Compare Hilary and Trump.  Choose between   crude male talk 11 years ago  or a  female enabler so that her  husband   sexually assaults women?


Monterey Bay Forum:   A pattern of actions over many years shows a person’s character.  There are many reasons why so many  Americans overwhelmingly do not trust Hilary.

Actions speak louder than words
Actions speak louder than words