How & why fix corrupt refugee resettlement to USA? [Illan Omar]

Yes, we  can fix  corrupt resettlement  of refugees to America . Now’s the time to do so.

Know what can happen to your town. About 170 towns receive resettlement of refugees sent by the U.N.

Per  blogger Ann Cororan and other advocates,  this out of control resettlement of refugee  process  has gone on for 10+ years must  stop.  The law that started the mess must either be fixed or dumped she says.

Why fix the corrupt, out of control resettlement to the USA?

  • Because it’s another example of Big Government imposing its will on small USA communities who need to be better informed and have appropriate say as to which ‘new neighbors’ are imposed on them by government.
  • And it’s a  matter of power and numbers controlling political decisions.  In Ann Cororan’s view, as  the Muslim population in the USA grows America is pushed  that much closer to Sharia law,  which is contrary to Western values.

Here’s how to fix corrupt resettlement to the USA:

  •  Dump existing law which allows United Nations to select all refugees to U.S.   Set the ‘ceiling’ at zero refugees admitted by U.N.
  • Stop  paying 9 non-profits ‘by the head’.  This  encourages ‘head hunting’ and drives up total expenses of each refugee [each refugee gets ‘gold standard’ of all possible welfare benefits]
  • Require state department to obtain local city/ county approval prior to placement of any groups of refugee by any federal/state entity.

A case illustrating how U.N. policies relate to resettlement of a refugee family  based on false statements:

The history of how Congress woman  Illam Omar got to the USA as a refugee has been in the news lately.  At age 12 she, a sibling and her father  came into the USA  under false pretenses aka using the name Omar which was not their  own name.   Later, for purposes that remain obscure, Omar married her biological brother and was married to him while married to another man.

Illam Omar has received publicity for her comments about “Benjamin babies” [that Jewish financial  interests affect our national policies toward Israel].  Omar’s district has conflicting thoughts about her remarks about Israel.

Aptos Psychologist:   If  reports are accurate that U.S. Congress woman  Illam Omar married her brother while married to another man and committed  6-8 other frauds related to taxes and legal status then she needs to be  held accountable under USA laws.   That her father brought her into the USA under false pretenses is one thing.  What Omar did as an adult another thing.

Did a corrupt resettlement process lead to additional corrupt actions by   Illan Omar as an adult?  Let’s find out.

written by Cameron Jackson

Quote the Quran and go to jail? Want a noose around your neck?

Can this come to America?  Simply quoting the Quran  in public in Indonesia  can land a  non-believer in jail.   blasphemy-laws“Blasphemy”:  quoting the Quran in public by a non-believer.

Three months from elections the top Christian politican faces possible jail for  quoting the Quran in public. Yes, quote the Quran and you may go to jail.  

JAKARTA, Indonesia—Police questioned the most prominent Christian politician in this predominantly Muslim country on Monday.  Police are considering  a blasphemy charge against him, just three months ahead of an election where he is the leading candidate.

Can laws against blasphemy come to America?  If sharia law is permitted as legal — yes.



Firenze Sage: Islamic assignation

marriage for an hour or two
 Islamic marriage for an hour or two is called “sigheh” or “motaa” 

Islamic  assignation …

assignation is called “sigheh” 



Muslim  marriage’ is what  Islamic  men per Sharia law  determine  it to be: either temporary called “sigheh” or “motaa” or permanent.

Assignation  — a  temporary marriage (for enjoyment) —  is a verbal contract that can last as long as desired.    It can last for quite a while or  for just an hour or two.

My, my – guess  which  some  Islamic  men choose. And guess how it works out for women ….

 Here’s a real life story:

According to a recent Farsi-language news story, a man identified as Ahmad, a devout Muslim from the Islamic Republic, conducted sigheh, a “temporary marriage,” with a woman identified as Elnaz.

Sigheh is allowed under Iran’s Islamic and Sharia law.

After three days Ahmad allegedly stole money from Elnaz’s family and left her.

man stole money from his wife's family
man stole money from his wife’s family

After the marriage contract, it was revealed that he also has another wife and children.

Elnaz cannot take him to court, divorce him, or marry another person because the marriage was Islamic and legal. Iranian officials and media outlets are also blaming her for what happened to her.

Under Iran’s Islamic and Sharia law, there exist two kinds of halal (religiously permissible) marriages: permanent and temporary. The latter is called “sigheh” or “motaa” (enjoyment). Sigheh is a verbal contract that can last as long as desired; an hour, two hours, half a day, a week, a year, or more.

Although sigheh is sold to women as a real marriage and that the man will truly treat the woman as his wife, the real story is different. Normally, in such a contract, the man gives something to the woman (money, place to sleep, etc.) in exchange for sex and complete control over her body and emotions.


Firenze Sage:  Quick get NOW alerted.  All civilizations are equal   — so clutch them to your bosom,like an asp.


As one Body let’s share the Lord’s Supper…celebrate the Eucharist…take Holy Communion? And let’s cut to the chase?

As one Body let’s  share the Lord’s Supper …

Eucharist anglican style
Eucharist Anglican style — homemade bread

celebrate the Eucharist …  Take Holy Communion?  And not worry about the few  ‘bad apples’?

bishop Heather
bishop Heather goes to jail  7 years
Eucharist Greek Orthodox
Eucharist Greek Orthodox style
Eucharist Body & Blood

And  — as one Body — let’s first cut to the chase?

Maybe the Body of Christ  had best accept all  its members  —  arms linked together — and  together face violent Islamic extremists and adherents to sharia law.

Let’s do it together, as one Mystical Body of Christ.

Body of Christ
Body of Christ

We know the stories.  It’s well reported that ISIS   Islamic  terrorists chop  off Christian heads.   And that hostages taken by ISIS live or die based on what they can  say about Allah.

On the daily news we hear horrific stories of   what happens to Christians/ westerners and confrontations from adherents to sharia law, ISIS and Islamic extremism

recite the Koran required
recite the Koran required by ISIS terrorists

Yet what do the faithful worry about?  What a Lutheran and a Catholic and an Episcopalian can and cannot do when worshiping together.  Let’s cut to the chase, folks?  See the following:

Pope Francis was asked by a Lutheran woman concerning sharing the sacraments with her husband, a Catholic.

This is what the Lutheran woman said:

My name is Anke de Bernardinis and, like many people in our community, I’m married to an Italian, who is a Roman Catholic Christian. We’ve lived happily together for many years, sharing joys and sorrows. And so we greatly regret being divided in faith and not being able to participate in the Lord’s Supper together. What can we do to achieve, finally, communion on this point?

 Pope Francis answered the woman:   “To share the Lord’s banquet: is it the goal of the path or is it the viaticum [provisions] for walking together?  I leave that question to the theologians and those who understand.

“The question: and the [Lord’s] Supper? There are questions that, only if one is sincere with oneself and with the little theological light one has, must be responded to on one’s own. See for yourself.

Pope Francis continued:   “This is my body. This is my blood. Do it in remembrance of me—this is a viaticum that helps us to journey on.

Pope Francis then tells a story about an Episcopalian  bishop “who went a little wrong.”

Pope Francis  says:

“The bishop  accompanied his wife and children to Mass on Sunday, and then went to worship with his community. It was a step of participation in the Lord’s Supper. Then he went forward, the Lord called him, a just man.

To sum it up Pope Francis adds:

“Life is bigger than explanations and interpretations. Always refer back to your baptism. “One faith, one baptism, one Lord.” This is what Paul tells us, and then take the consequences from there.


  Let’s cut to the chase:  The Mass / Communion / Eurharist / Lord’s Supper  never ends….  It must be lived…. Go  as one Body of Christ   to serve God and love your neighbor?     YES,   Right -on?