Democrat Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas’ war cry on global warming

indian war cry
Indian  war cry from Elizabeth Warren nicknamed Pocahontas by Trump: spend trillions on her climate plan or we may die

Democrats – including Elizabeth Warren nicknamed Pocahontas by Trump –  war cry on global warming: spend trillions of dollars  to avert the climate crises.

Elizabeth Warren and various Democrats have various  plans to avert said crises.

Everyone’s got a climate plan; so where’s the carbon tax? inquires Washington Post writer  Catherine Rampeli. who  writes,  “We get one crack at curbing climate change… we don’t have the luxury of abandoning [carbon tax] as the most effective policy available…”


Aptos Psychologist:   The Australians recently rejected climate change alarmists by voting to open a new coal mine larger than the U.K.

In a recent Letter published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Jean Brocklebank, “It is bad enough that we must deal with nonsensical Save the Climate and Climate Disruption rhetoric as though The Climate is like an endangered whale….

Warren  aka nicknamed  Pocahontas claimed Indian heritage which in fact  furthered her academic carrier.  “That’s what my family told me” she says.

Don’t believe everything Elizabeth Warren claims, including Warren’s war cry that we must  spend trillions to save Mother Earth.


firenze sage–Pocahontas [aka Sen. Elizabeth Warren] gets fossil fuel wampum


Sen. Warren  — aka Pocahontas — gets fossil fuen wampum from oil company

Pocahontas — aka Sen. Elizabeth Warren –gets fossil fuel wampum.

For many years, Sen. Warren   receives money from a  gas producer.    Sen. Warren has expressed views that gas producers harm the planet. What she has to say about fossil fuels.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren received royalty payments in 2017 from one of the largest natural gas producers in the nation, according to tax return documents her campaign released Wednesday.

Warren received $121 in royalty payments in 2017 from Chesapeake Operating, LLC, a subsidiary company of Chesapeake Energy, according to her tax return. Chesapeake is the second-largest natural gas producer in the nation behind Exxon Mobil and is the most active driller of new gas wells in the country.

Warren called out major oil companies, including Exxon, Shell and BP for raking in billions in profits, during a 2015 speech before climate and labor activist where she stressed that government regulation of the energy industry was necessary to prevent companies from “dumping filth in the river or spewing poisons in the air.”

Notably absent from her speech was mention of Chesapeake, which operates nearly 23,000 oil and natural gas wells across the country. The company signs lease agreements with landowners prior to opening a new drill site and pays royalties to leaseholders, like Warren, typically as a percentage of the revenue earned from the sale of the gas drilled.

Warren’s financial ties to Chesapeake date back to before her entrance to the Senate in 2013, according to her tax returns.


Firenze Sage opines:   More hypocrisy and fraud from the queen of deceit [Elizabeth Warren].


Freedom to choose: Pocahontas can now “self identify” as a “person of color” at Brown University

Freedom to choose to be a “person of color” at Brown University.

Freedom to choose:   Pocahontas/ Elizabeth Warren  can now  “self identify”   as  “person of color”  at Brown University.  Be the minority  you want to be?

Brown University has announced a change to their application process that will allow applicants to “self-identify” as a person of color.

According to The College Fix, the policy is the result of complaints made by Asian-American and international students that they aren’t yet categorized as members of historically underrepresented groups. Historically, Brown has restricted minority status to “American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latinx and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander” students.


Pocahantas, an American Indian heroine

Comment:  Will Harvard and Penn Universities   follow suit and get  Pocahontas   aka Elizabeth Warren off the hook?   Is  1/32  of American Indian blood  sufficient to be a “person of color”  based on  Senator  Warren’s say so that her mother had “high cheek bones”?

What say you?      Cameron Jackson


freedom – soon – from Pocahontas’ Consumer Finance Protection Agency (CFPA)?


credit cards you carry chosen by you or by the Consumer Finance Protection Agency (CFPA)?

Freedom – soon  -   from the Consumer Finance Protection Agency (CFPA)?    Freedom from the  brain child of  Senator Elizabeth Warren aka nicknamed Pocahontas by some. Some call the CFPA  an important  “watchdog” for consumers.  But  who wants this “watchdog”.    That watch dog tells you which credit cards you can carry in your wallet.

Do you want one person in America — the head of the CFPA –  deciding what credit cards you can have in your wallet  and whether you can get a mortgage?

Some questions need answering:  The Consumer Finance Protection Agency (CFPA) takes money via fines  and gives  those fines and money   to whom?  Who actually receives those  fines is not clear.

It is documented  that  the CFPA overwhelmingly gave  2016 donations to  Hilary Clinton …. and  to Elizabeth Warren.

It is  known that the  CFPA is 100% funded via the Federal Reserve and  that there are  no accountability requirements to Congress.  It is reported  that the fines received  go to Planned Parenthood but that’s not verified.

The constitutionality of the CFPA will be examined by the courts in May 2017. What National Review has to say about the constitutionality of the CFPA:

“House FinaLast year, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that the CFPB was “unconstitutionally structured.” Its opinion was not subtle. According to the Court, The CFPB’s concentration of enormous executive power in a single, unaccountable, unchecked Director not only departs from settled historical practice, but also poses a far greater risk of arbitrary decisionmaking and abuse of power, and a far greater threat to individual liberty, than does a multi-member independent agency.

‘But wait, there’s more: In short, when measured in terms of unilateral power, the Director of the CFPB is the single most powerful official in the entire U.S. Government, other than the President. Indeed, within his jurisdiction, the Director of the CFPB can be considered even more powerful than the President. It is the Director’s view of consumer protection law that prevails over all others. In essence, the Director is the President of Consumer Finance.

Read more at: Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas  calls  the institution a “rogue agency.”  Senators led by Sen. David Perdue of Georgia introduced a bill  which gives  lawmakers control over the CFPB’s purse strings. Currently, the CFPB is funded through the Federal Reserve.

“No person in America, particularly an unelected person, should have the power, unilaterally, to decide what credit cards should go in our wallet, whether or not we can have a mortgage, and whether or not, if we like our banker, we can keep her,” Hensarling said. “This agency is just out of control.”


Comment:    When Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren is unhappy about reining in the  CPFA  — others smile.   Clinton’s $800 BILLION  “stimulus plan”  which was supposed to build roads and  bridges actually went to support  union jobs who paid union dues and that money went back to the Democrat coffers.

It appears that  the Consumer Finance Protection Agency takes money via fines (as banks settle rather than go to court) and that money goes to support Democrat  Party goals.    Goals that take freedom away from American consumers.  That’s not cool.            written by  Cameron Jackson