Liz Warren schools us …. [she cracks down on school choice]

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pledging to crack down on school choice if elected, despite the fact that she sent her own son to an elite private school, publicly available records show.

The 2020 presidential candidate’s public education plan would ban for-profit charter schools — a proposal first backed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — and eliminate government incentives for opening new non-profit charter schools, even though Warren has praised charter schools in the past.

“To keep our traditional public school systems strong, we must resist efforts to divert public funds out of traditional public schools,” Warren stated in her plan.

Warren has pledged to reduce education options for families, but she chose to send her son Alexander to Kirby Hall, an elite private school near Austin. Tuition for Kirby Hall’s lower and middle schools — kindergarten through eighth grade — is $14,995 for the 2019-2020 school year. A year of high school costs $17,875.


Firenze Sage        If our “traditional schools”are strong why  are yours in a private wigwam?

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[Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren  sent her son to private school …]


A horse race: Will Joe Biden fade & Michelle Obama replace him? Possible.

A horse race:  Will Joe Biden fade & Michelle Obama replace him?

Will Michelle Obama replace Biden as top Presidential hopeful? Michelle Obama may  appeal to many ‘middle of the road’  Democrats who find current  contenders too ‘progressive’ for their taste.

Joe Biden  cannot match Michelle Obama in important ways.


woman of color premiere?  Michelle Obama …

Michelle Obama is a premiere ‘woman of color’.  Michelle Obama is immensely popular. Michelle Obama can carry on her husband’s problematic    “legacy”.

Competitors?  Harvard’s first woman of color,  Elizabeth Warren,  cannot compete with Michelle  Obama when they are compared in terms of  their skin color and early background.  Elizabeth Warren’s story about her percentage of Indian blood does not hold up.

California’s ‘woman of color’ attorney Kamala  Harris comes across  as strident compared with former first lady Michelle Obama.  Though Michelle Obama often appeared angry she also had her garden and tried to improve food options for students per her views.

The Democrat ‘ pack of contenders’ are so similar with respect to ‘open borders’, ‘green agenda’ and free medical care for all who can get into the country.  There will be push back.  Michelle Obama may be the one ‘woman of color’ who  most  appeals.  Can Miclelle Obama replace contender Joe Biden?  Possible.

written by Cameron Jackson


Fake Indian fakes us again? Elizabeth Warren, Harvard’s first woman of color …

Elizabeth Warren, one of several women running for President in 2020,  faked having Cherokee Indian blood.  Later,   as an affirmative action applicant Elizabeth  was  employed by east coast colleges. Elizabeth Warren was Harvard’s first woman of color.  

Now Warren seeks to spin  the story whether women got a ‘fair deal’ in compensation from Dow Chemical.  Warren was paid heaps of money  by Dow Chemical to keep compensation to women as low as possible.

Is Warren faking us again?

When Dow Corning faced thousands of lawsuits in the 1990s from women saying they had become sick from the company’s silicone gel breast implants, its parent firm, Dow Chemical, turned to one of the country’s leading experts in corporate bankruptcies: Professor Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, now a Democratic presidential candidate, has never publicly discussed her role in the case. Her campaign said that she was “a consultant to ensure adequate compensation for women who claimed injury” from the implants and that a $2.3 billion fund for the women was started “thanks in part to Elizabeth’s efforts.”

But participants on both sides of the matter say that description mis-characterizes Warren’s work, in which she advised a company intent on limiting payments to the women.

“She was on the wrong side of the table,” said Sybil Goldrich, who co-founded a support group for women with implants and battled the companies for years. Goldrich said Dow Corning and its parent “used every trick in the book” to limit the size of payouts to women. The companies, she added, “were not easy to deal with at all.” ….

A person familiar with Warren’s role who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe litigation strategy said the future senator was part of a Dow defense team that had containing the company’s liability as a goal….

Shortly after The Post contacted Warren’s campaign for comment on this story, a lawyer from Warren’s campaign called Gold­rich, the advocate for breast implant victims, to ask her to make a positive statement about the settlement.

“They asked, ‘Could I make a comment about whether the deal was fair? Would I say it was a fair deal? Was it fair?’ ” said Goldrich, recalling her conversation. “I wouldn’t say that.”


Firenze Sage    I can hear it now after denying she worked for  Dow.”But I fought for woman from inside Dow” says Elizabeth  Warren.  What was her salary??

[Court records indicate that Elizabeth Warren was paid  $675. an hour while she was a professor at Harvard University earning about $185  K a year.]


Democrat Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas’ war cry on global warming

indian war cry
Indian  war cry from Elizabeth Warren nicknamed Pocahontas by Trump: spend trillions on her climate plan or we may die

Democrats – including Elizabeth Warren nicknamed Pocahontas by Trump –  war cry on global warming: spend trillions of dollars  to avert the climate crises.

Elizabeth Warren and various Democrats have various  plans to avert said crises.

Everyone’s got a climate plan; so where’s the carbon tax? inquires Washington Post writer  Catherine Rampeli. who  writes,  “We get one crack at curbing climate change… we don’t have the luxury of abandoning [carbon tax] as the most effective policy available…”


Aptos Psychologist:   The Australians recently rejected climate change alarmists by voting to open a new coal mine larger than the U.K.

In a recent Letter published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Jean Brocklebank, “It is bad enough that we must deal with nonsensical Save the Climate and Climate Disruption rhetoric as though The Climate is like an endangered whale….

Warren  aka nicknamed  Pocahontas claimed Indian heritage which in fact  furthered her academic carrier.  “That’s what my family told me” she says.

Don’t believe everything Elizabeth Warren claims, including Warren’s war cry that we must  spend trillions to save Mother Earth.


Firenze Sage: the case of the absent Native American Indian [Elizabeth Warren]


Elizabeth Warren claims to be an American Indian

  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has claimed to be Native American, is conspicuously absent from a Tribal Nations Policy Summit this week.

The National Congress of American Indians Tribal Nations Policy Summit is taking place in Washington, DC, this week, and it features a whole host of politicians and high-profile speakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

However, Warren — the only U.S. Senator who has claimed a Native American heritage — is missing from the guest list. (RELATED: Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee)

Cherokee genealogists have traced Warren’s family history and were unable to find any ancestors that identified as anything other than white, but that hasn’t stopped Warren from doubling down on her claims, pointing to her family’s “high cheekbones” and plagiarized “Pow Wow Chow” recipes.


Firenze Sage:   Probably  Elizabeth Warren didn’t get back from her buffalo hunt in time.



Freedom to choose: Pocahontas can now “self identify” as a “person of color” at Brown University

Freedom to choose to be a “person of color” at Brown University.

Freedom to choose:   Pocahontas/ Elizabeth Warren  can now  “self identify”   as  “person of color”  at Brown University.  Be the minority  you want to be?

Brown University has announced a change to their application process that will allow applicants to “self-identify” as a person of color.

According to The College Fix, the policy is the result of complaints made by Asian-American and international students that they aren’t yet categorized as members of historically underrepresented groups. Historically, Brown has restricted minority status to “American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latinx and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander” students.


Pocahantas, an American Indian heroine

Comment:  Will Harvard and Penn Universities   follow suit and get  Pocahontas   aka Elizabeth Warren off the hook?   Is  1/32  of American Indian blood  sufficient to be a “person of color”  based on  Senator  Warren’s say so that her mother had “high cheek bones”?

What say you?      Cameron Jackson


A trophy for fake news of the week? Al Franklin? Trophy for real heroes? Native American code breakers?


A trophy for fake  USA  news of the week  goes to?

A trophy for fake news of the week goes to …? Al Franklin?   And trophies  for  real heroes this week   go to?

Fake apology of the week trophy  goes  to Republican  Al Franklin who can’t say exactly what he is apologizing for.  He  made an on the air apology for  fondling an  attractive woman’s breasts   while on an airplane.   Al  Franklin  does not remember   ‘the kiss’  as described by the woman — nor  does he apologize for it.

Fake news award  trophy for the week  goes to ….   Democrat Senator  Elizabeth Warren aka  “Pocahontas”  who President Trump slams for faking  Native American heritage which she used to further her graduate school career. Doubtful that Warren will apologize for that bad behavior  which she engaged in  many  moons  ago.

Fake defense  of the week ….?   That award  goes to Democrat Nancy Pelosi  who describes  Democrat John Conyers as an “icon”…   An icon of what?  Revere John Conyers for successfully covering up money paid by taxpayers in 2015  related to charges of  sexual harassment?

And who are some  heroes of the week?     How about  the Native American code talkers who were honored recently by President Trump.    They are  true heroes.   And  how about  the heroine Pocahontas who in 1607 saved the life (so it goes) of John Smith,  an Englishman who was captured by Native Americans.    She was a true heroine.

Some info on Pocahontas  below:


Pocahontas, a real Native American heroine to tell children about

Pocahontas (born Matoaka, known as Amonute, c. 1596–1617) was a Native American[2][3][4] teenager notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief[2] of a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tsenacommacah, encompassing the Tidewater region of Virginia. In a well-known historical anecdote, she is said to have saved the life of a captive of the Native Americans, the Englishman John Smith, in 1607 by placing her head upon his own when her father raised his war club to execute him. Some historians have suggested that this story, as told by Smith, is untrue.[5]

Yes, honor Native American code breakers that helped win World War II.  And call a fake a fake  –  Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” is and was a fake for  saying that she is Native American when she applied to Harvard and Penn. There’s lots of fake news out there.

written by Cameron Jackson


Elizabeth Warren re school vouchers chased to her warren?


Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren supported vouchers in past

Elizabeth Warren supported school vouchers — in the past.

Readers of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal would therefore have been surprised to discover this Notable and Quotable passage from The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents Are (Still) Going Broke (2003), by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi. The Journal helpfully notes that Ms. Warren is now a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, as you may have heard a time or two before.

In 2003, while a member of Harvard Law School’s faculty claiming Native American ancestry for some reason or other, Warren wrote:

Any policy that loosens the ironclad relationship between location-location-location and school-school-school would eliminate the need for parents to pay an inflated price for a home just because it happens to lie within the boundaries of a desirable school district.

A well-designed voucher program would fit the bill neatly. A taxpayer-funded voucher that paid the entire cost of educating a child (not just a partial subsidy) would open a range of opportunities to all children. . . . Fully funded vouchers would relieve parents from the terrible choice of leaving their kids in lousy schools or bankrupting themselves to escape those schools.”

Thus said Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Has Elizabeth Warren  now been  chased to her warren?


How many warnings should Warren get? 3? 4? 5?


How many warnings should Elizabeth Warren get? 3? 5/ 7?
How many warnings should Elizabeth Warren get? 3? 5/ 7?  Warren was silenced from speaking further at Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing.

How many warnings should Elizabeth Warren get?  5? 7? 9?

The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama, as warned by the chair,” McConnell said on the floor.

“She has been warned multiple times (not just today),” McConnell spokesman Don Stewart told NBC News. “And after additional warning today, she was found in violation of the rule. She appealed the ruling and lost.”

McConnell and other Republicans said Warren violated Senate rules. The rule, No. 19, says senators cannot “directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.”